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Are you tired of working out and dieting only to see your belly fat and cellulite are still there? Try our powerful cellulite treatment today and see fast results!
Revitol Cellulite Solution Will Help You:
Eliminate Cellulite Dimples and Inches
Boosts Muscle tone and Sculpts your Body
Firms and Tightens your thighs, legs and butt
Our Cellulite Solution:
Firm and Tighten your thighs, legs and butt
Is Easy To Apply
Has No Residue or Bad Odor
Works for both Men and Women
Has No Tingling Sensation
Requires No Prescription
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Revitol Cellulite Cream is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough for controlling unsightly cellulite and eliminating inches. Revitol Cellulite Cream permits you to spot reduce in those impossible problem areas. With Revitol you can rid yourself of those unwanted lumps and bumps. Just apply the Cellulite Cream to your thigh, waist, tummy, or chin and watch the fat disappear.

Any woman, and quite a few men, know the horrors of cellulite: unsightly bumps on your legs, stomach, buttocks or arms. People are spending millions of dollars a year to perform painful and dangerous procedures to get rid of this extremely visible problem. There is really no need to subject yourself to such embarrassment or dangerous surgery! We have the solution here for you with Revitol Cellulite Cream.

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What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite are the bumps under your skin which causes the surface of your body to look dimpled. For many this is a reason to cover up on the beach and at work, or not even go at all! Cellulite is caused by little overfilled fat pockets right under your skin. These are fat cells that have become enlarged causing these cells now to take up more space between the skin's connective tissues than normal, the fat then expands these spaces resulting in the overlying skin dimpling in. Cellulite causes many image problems and many women don't dare to wear short skirts or shorts because of it. Revitol will not make you loose weight, but it will smooth your skin to remove those horrible dimples. Unfortunately dieting or exercise alone will not influence your cellulite, and anyone with any body type can have it. However, cellulite does get worse with age if left untreated, so don't delay it any longer! Take action and take care of that tough cellulite now!

Shedding fat and staying fit: emphasizing unrefined carbohydrates

Like refined sugars, complex carbohydrates have been over-refined and over-processed - and thereby robbed of much of their natural fiber and many of their nutrients. So it's best to eat complex carbohydrates in an unrefined or minimally refined state. Unfortunately, refined complex carbohydrates are far more likely to show up in the typical American diet than their more wholesome counterparts. What's worse, in the form of pastries, cakes, cookies, and even "enriched" white bread, these refined ingredients are also paired with harmful fats and refined sugars. In addition, refined carbohydrates, both sugars and starches, tend to trigger higher insulin levels and increased serum triglycerides (fats in the blood), which may increase the risk of heart disease.
One of the ways the body deals with an excess of rapidly absorbed sugar is to convert it into fat in the liver, which then sends it out to the fat cells in VLDL particles. The increase in VLDLs can lead to increased serum triglycerides and total cholesterol, as well as to decreased HDL cholesterol, which can create problems for those who already have heart and blood-vessel disease. By contrast, unrefined carbohydrate foods that are rich in fiber (especially soluble fiber) actually lower blood triglycerides in most people because they don't increase levels of insulin (which stimulates the liver to produce triglycerides) as much as refined carbohydrates do.
For all these reasons, it's best to eat unrefined carbohydrates whenever possible. At the very least, limit your refined carbohydrates, and make refined complex carbohydrates no more than 25 percent of your total complex-carbohydrate intake (which means it's okay to have an occasional piece of French bread or a plate of "white" pasta in a restaurant when there is no less refined alternative. White pasta is certainly preferable to French fries!). Remember, however, that carbohydrates stripped of their valuable fibers and nutrients will not lower cholesterol or lower the risk of colon cancer as much as their unrefined counterparts.
Recently, there have been claims that a high-carbohydrate diet will not reduce cholesterol any more effectively than a diet high in olive oil will. This is true only if a diet high in refined carbohydrates and low in fiber is compared to a diet high in a monounsaturated fat such as olive oil. The refined-carbohydrate, low-fiber diet and the diet high in monounsaturated fats both have the same effect on total serum cholesterol - a neutral one. And since most fats raise HDL (or "good") levels of cholesterol, and refined carbohydrates do not, the lowered ratio of total cholesterol to HDL will appear to favor olive oil over refined carbohydrates. This is worse than comparing apples and oranges! But if you get most of your carbohydrates from unrefined products rich in soluble fiber, you'll get all the benefits - including the cholesterol-lowering ones - as well as weight loss, which a diet rich in olive oil makes difficult.


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